New Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer shown at Leipzig convention

Mark Wilson over at Kotaku has posted the latest trailer of the heavily anticipated Playstation 3 game, Metal Gear Solid 4. The trailer was shown at the convention at Leipzig, Germany(hence the reason its subtitled in German). The latest trailer introduces what could be the new crew of boss characters. What really piqued my interest in this new trailer is that these new boss characters share a lot in common with the MGS1 Fox Hound and other past MGS bosses. There is a psychic user(Psycho Mantis), a robotic wolf(Sniper Wolf), a robotic bird(Vulcan Raven), and a Doctor Octopus type character(Solidus or Decoy Octopus?). Though, what I really want to know is this: Can they combine to form the Megazord?

A Metal Gear Solid 4 playable demo was also scheduled to appear at Leipzig, as well as new details about Metal Gear Online and a new PS3 exclusive title being developed by Kojima Productions. Also, I’m sure we can expect an English translated trailer on Konami’s site soon.

And, without further ado: Metal Gear Solid 4 GC2007 trailer

Metal Gear Solid 4 is due out in early 2008, exclusively for the PS3. You can preorder MGS4 at


~ by exgn on August 22, 2007.

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