Six new Killzone 2 screenshots

Ah, Killzone. Billed from day one as a Halo killer, the original Killzone on PS2 did not live up to its hype. It was linear, glitchy, and just not that innovative. Guerrilla Studios managed to make up for the lackluster PS2 Killzone with its superb Killzone Liberation on PSP.

That brings us to Killzone 2. Killzone 2 made its controversial debut at E3 2005. The original “trailer” was almost completely done in prerendered CGI, but the audience was told the trailer was all in game, and that it was actual gameplay being shown. When many analysts said it was impossible for the PS3 to render such graphics, Jack Tretton reassured us that it was actual gameplay. Later, SCEE vice president Phil Harrison let the cat out of the bad, admitting that some things in the trailer were prerendered to the PS3 system specs.

2 years later, the game made another showing at E3, and this time, it was all in game graphics. Was it as good as the CGI trailer? No, but it was damn close. It would be a lie to deny that Killzone 2 has some best lighting effects and graphics on any game console. But graphics only mean so much. Will the game be able to offer unique, innovative gameplay, which its predecessor failed to accomplish? With over 100 developers working on it and a budget usually seen in a Hollywood movie, PS3 owners can only hope that it finally lives up to its hype as a Halo killer.

Sony has recently released 6 new screenshots of the game. Check em out! Images from

killzone 2 Killzone 2Killzone 2 killzone 2Killzone 2Killzone 2

Killzone 2 is set to release in February 2008, exclusively for PS3. You can preorder it now on!


~ by exgn on August 22, 2007.

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