Wii outsells 360, and other random sales numbers.

The numbers for the week of August 18th are finally in! VGChartz.com has posted the sales numbers for last week, and heres the juicy stuff…

Console sales:

Nintendo Wii: 89,280 (+3%)
Microsoft XBox 360: 59,118 (+13%)
Sony Playstation 3: 47,928 (+15%)

Top selling games: Madden 2008(360), Madden 2008(PS2), Madden 2008(PS3).

Not surprisingly, it was a big week for video games with the release of Madden 2008. Madden 2008 sold about 1.5 million copies across all platforms, about half of those were on the XBox 360, followed by the PS2 version at 500K and the PS3 version at 200K. The consoles all pulled great numbers this week, and is without a doubt probably the best week of sales overall this summer. The 360 also had the price drop, which boosted numbers considerably. The 360 will probably hover around the 55-60K range until the release of Halo 3. The PS3 may see a slight increase with the release of anticipated titles, such as Lair, Warhawk, and Heavenly Sword in the next 3 weeks. The Wii should also see an increase with the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption next week.

In Japan, the Wii received a considerably 10% boost in sales, selling 70K consoles. The PS3 has been dropping week after week since the release of Everybody’s Golf 5(Hot Shots Golf 5), and dropped another 10% this week, selling only 20K consoles. The 360 had a 10% increase but remains at an abysmal 3000 per week average.

The major news, however, is that the Nintendo Wii has finally pulled ahead of the 360 in sales world wide. The Wii, since launching in November 2006, has taken the world by surprise, outselling its rivals often at a rate of 2 or 3 to 1. Until just recently, it was nearly impossible to find in stores, and would often fetch prices of up to $350 – $400 on eBay.

To date, the Wii has sold 3.46 million consoles in Japan, 4.24 in North America, and 2.87 in other regions for a total of 10.57 million. The 360, released a year before the Nintendo Wii, has sold .43 million in Japan, 6.75 in North America, and 3.32 in other regions for 10.51 million. The PS3, released in the same time frame as the Wii, has sold 1.13 million in Japan, 1.87 in North America, and 1.32 in other regions, and is considerably behind its rivals at 4.32 million.


~ by exgn on August 22, 2007.

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