PS2 to offer motion control titles, like Wii

A few months ago, EGM released a tidbit of information in its “Rumor Mill” section that Sony was going to try to kill the Wii with the PS2, releasing a “Waggle Wand” peripheral and a line up of games for it. Sony responded quickly, saying it had no intention of doing that.

However, after browsing The Magic Box website, I found a series of titles coming to PS2 that includes golf, tennis, pool, racing, bowling, and a puzzle game that plays by using motion controller known as ‘Freedom’. They are set to launch this holiday season. They are being developed by publisher In2Games, who is a 3rd party developer(not affiliated with Sony). So it looks like EGM’s rumor was partially true. Anyways, it looks interesting, especially if Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and Super Smash Brother Brawl haven’t gotten you to buy a Wii yet.

RealPlay Games


~ by exgn on August 23, 2007.

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