RUMOR: Haze for XBox 360 Canceled?

According to a German website,, the 360 version of Free Radical’s up coming shooter, Haze, has been canceled. Haze was originally set to be a timed exclusive on PS3, due out for in November 2007. The PC and 360 versions were set for a release sometime in 2008. The PC and PS3 version are still on time for their respective releases. This could be a disappointment to many 360 owners. More information should be in soon

Original German Article

Wie wir soeben bei einer Präsentation des Shooters aus erster Hand erfahren haben, wird es keine Xbox-360-Version von Haze geben. Der Titel ist dieses Jahr noch PS3-exklusiv und wird voraussichtlich im November erscheinen, 2008 wird eine PC-Fassung folgen. Weitere Informationen zur Präsentation folgen heute Abend.

N4G translation:

How we learned just now in a presentation of the Shooters out of first hand, there will be no XBox Version of Haze. The title is this year yet PS3 exclusive and will appear presumably in November, 2008 will follow a PC version. Further information to the presentation follows tonight.



Haze is set for a release on the PS3 this November. Pre-order it now on!


~ by exgn on August 24, 2007.

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  1. […] removed the XBox 360 logo from their website. Most recently, at the Games Convention in Leipzig, a German website reported that Free Radical had announced in a closed doors meeting that the 360 versi…. Free Radical has laid all the rumors to rest, telling GameSpot “currently the game is […]

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