Electronic Arts “the PS3… the way it works just sucks”

EA has been supporting the XBox 360 as its primary next gen system for quite some time now. Its clearly evident with some of their multiplatform titles, such as Madden 2008, which runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second, while the PS3 moves along at 30. Other games, such as the Fight Night series, have worse lighting and textures on the PS3.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that, during an interview with XBox Evolved, one of the EA developers working on Nascar 2008 expressed that “… the PS3’s tools and the way it works just sucks”. He went on to clarify, telling XBox Evolved:

The truth is they are both virtually the same in terms of hardware when it comes to how powerful they are, maybe the PS3 has a few different things that makes it a bit more advance, and Sony has this idea that it is designed for optimal development but that’s a load of crap. In the last generation we would make the game for PS2 and then port it over to Xbox, but because Xbox was easier to develop for, we could actually enhance the title a little if we wanted to. The case with this generation is different, now we make the game for 360 first and then port it over to PS3, but we really don’t have the time to mess with how the PS3 works to really add to much more. It will change in the future, but for now it sucks.

So thats it. Is EA just lazy, or is the PS3 really just not worth the extra effort to make the best of it? It sounds like EA has found a new SEGA in Sony.

To read the article from the start, click here.


~ by exgn on August 27, 2007.

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