New Assassins Creed live demo from PAX2007


A new on stage demonstration of Assassin’s Creed was shown at the Penny Arcade Expo 2007(PAX 2007). Assassin’s Creed is the latest game coming from Ubi Soft Montreal, the team behind the popular Prince of Persia series. The PAX demonstration featured the same mission shown as the E3 2007 demonstration. Once again, the 11 minute demo was played using the XBox 360 build.

The demo opens to a familiar scene, the city of Jerusalem. The game’s protagonist, Altair, is shown taking a new path to get to his target. Once Altair finds his target, a trap is triggered and Altair must fight off several attackers. The new PAX demo showed off a few new kill strikes, as well as showing how long ranged weapons work. The PS3 demo also showed off a feature that Jade Raymond(producer of AC) mentioned during the E3 demo. The computer’s AI is programmed to do different things each time a mission is played. In the E3 demo, the boss tried to lose Altair by dashing through the crowd. In the PAX demo, he ran to a guard station to seek the aid of the guards. Also revealed in the PAX demo is that once the target has been eliminated, the mission doesn’t just end. The video showed Altair has he attempted to escape from his pursuers, and also had him reporting back to the man who hired him. The on stage demonstration also displayed an impressive real time weapon change, a feature only capable of being performed by using the full power of the next gen video game consoles. Overall, it was an impressive demo.

On negative note, however, there still seems to be some bugs with the game. For example, at one instance, it shows a guard running full speed off the side of a building. There is also another floating body at 9:57.

You can check out GameSpots video of the demo HERE!

Assassins Creed is due out in November of 2007, for the PC, PS3, and XBox 360. You can preorder Assassins Creed now at PlayAsia!


~ by exgn on August 27, 2007.

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