Nintendo boasts about July NPD sales numbers

For those that don’t follow the monthly video game sales numbers, made available by the NPD Group, the Wii has been the top selling console for the last 6 or so months. It hit another peak this past July, selling over 420,000 consoles in the United States. This a huge number, considering that summer is usually a slow season in the gaming industry. To put the number into perspective, the Nintendo Wii sold about 100,000 more consoles then the PS3(159,000) and XBox 360(170,000) COMBINED. In addition, the Nintendo DS sold a bit over 400,000, and with the sales of the Gameboy Advance included, Nintendo sold about 1 million consoles in one of the slowest months in the gaming industry.

High on the success of the Wii, Nintendo has taken the liberty to poke fun at its competitors. Nintendo wants consumers to be clear that its numbers were done without having to cut the price of the console(like the PS3 in early July and the 360 in early August). Nintendo also boasted about having an average of 9 games released since launch, with 3 Nintendo games being in the top ten software titles for July.

Nintendo should be proud of its numbers, the Wii is the fastest selling console in history thus far. But Nintendo, what about your attachment rate of 1 game per system? Thats one number they don’t seem to like talking about…


~ by exgn on August 27, 2007.

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