Think Blu Ray is big? How about a terrabyte disc?

As each generation of console pushes onward, data storage continually evolves. It started on cartridges, worked its way to 700MB CDs, 1GB GD-Roms, then 4.5 GB DVDs, and now with the PS3, a 60GB Blu Ray disc is used. Its able to store hundreds thousands of times more data then the cartridges used no more then 15 years ago!

An Israeli technology company, known as Mempile, is now in the process of creating a disc that could hold up to one terrabyte(TB) of information – thats 1000 GB! Each layer on the disc can hold 5GB, and Mempile claims that it can hold over 200 virtual layers. Currently, the company has designed prototypes that can hold up to 800GB, but they believe with another year or so of research, they can hit the 1TB mark.

Mempile says that the disc will hit the market in about 2-3 years, initially with 600GB discs. The discs will cost a hefty sum at $30-$40 per disc.


~ by exgn on August 28, 2007.

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