Nights: Journey of Dreams Delayed to 2008? has reported a Sega’ product and PR manager has confirmed that Sega’s Nights: Journey into Dreams has been delayed. Originally expected to release for the holiday 2007, Nights:JoD now appears to be grounded until VERY early in 2008. Sega has not made any official announcements of the delay, and when asked by GamePro about the delay, said ‘they had not heard of it’.

Nights: Journey of Dreams is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Sega Saturn title, Nights into Dreams. After a 10 year hiatus, Nights:JoD was announced as a sequel to the game. The game was praised for its lush visuals and innovative concept and controls. Hopefully, the delay will allow Sega to really polish the game – something Sega has not been known for doing since the fall of the Dreamcast. Another NiGHTS title is also rumored to hit the PS3 and 360, but will be a completely different title.


~ by exgn on August 29, 2007.

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