Okami and Kingdom Heart ports Wii bound?

In the September issue of EGM, the rumor mill is buzzing with more possible PS2-to-Wii ports. The latest rumored titles are stirring up quite a buzz. The first is a port and additional side games pertaining to Square-Enix’s collaboration game with Disney, the Kingdom Heart series. The other rumored title up for a port is Clover Studio’s under the radar hit, Okami.

Both games seem like excellent choices for a port to the Wii. Kingdom Hearts seems right at home with the Wii’s target audience, with its simple game mechanics and the addition of family friendly Disney characters. The core mechanic of Okami involves pausing the game in combat and painting a picture to use various special attacks, and would obviously make great use of the Wiimote.

Could this mean future sequels would also be made available on the Wii? It would certainly appear so. Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Wii rumors have already spread like wildfire through the internet, and this would only reinforce them if it were true. The only bummer about an Okami sequel would be that Clover Studios was released by Capcom(and formed a new development group, known as Seeds), so any Okami sequels would be done by a completely new crew.

So, for those who haven’t played those games, you are truly in for a great treat – especially with the vastly underrated

Okami. For those who have, continue to moan and groan about yet some more last gen ports to the Wii.


~ by exgn on August 30, 2007.

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