Online patch for Virtua Fighter 5 PS3?

The latest entry into Sega’s esteemed Virtua Fighter series, Virtua Fighter 5, was released for the PS3 earlier this, and a 360 version is due out this fall. Originally, Sega said there would be no online versus mode, although the 360 version would support online leader boards. So of course, 360 fanatics were ecstatic when AM2 announced that the 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 would have a full fledged online versus mode after all. Meanwhile, the PS3 version, released first as a timed exclusive, would be stuck with local versus only. PS3 owners were outraged that Sega would screw them like that.

Well, while Sega has still hasn’t committed to putting the PS3 version of the game online yet. However, at the Games Convention 2007 at Leipzig, Tohru Murayama, the assistant manager at AM2, gave the PS3 Virtua Fighters hope. He acknowledged the disappointment felt by many PS3 owners, and then admitted that a patch allowing the PS3 version to go online is ‘theoretically possible’.

Now, I gotta say, fighters based heavily on frames of animation(such as Virtua Fighter 5) should not go online, period. Lag will kill competition at the higher levels of play. Sega AM2 should have stuck to their guns and kept both versions offline. However, if they are going to put one version online, they should feel obligated to put them both on. If Sega is smart(questionable), the PS3 version will see the ‘theoretical’ patch come to light. Expect it to release around the time VF5 does for the 360.

Virtua Fighter 5 is due out for the 360 in October. Pre-order it now from PlayAsia!


~ by exgn on August 30, 2007.

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