EGM – Killzone 2 dumbest AI, Halo 3 smartest AI

In the latest issues of EGM, they decided to do a side by side comparison of the AI from the finished Halo 3(due September 25) and the early pre-alpha build of Killzone 2(due in mid 2008). They have a section where they discuss the best and worst of E3 2007, and on a sidebar on page 68, they say

“Smartest AI: Halo 3 – The smart get smarter: Halo 3’s Brute Chieftains thrown down bubble shields while Grunts and Jackals find cover, flush you out, or just run away when the tough(you) gets going.”

and directly below it, say

“Dumbest AI: Killzone 2 – The game’s bigger, badder and looking so, so good, but why are the enemies jumping over cover… to stand on the wrong side? They must want to say hello to your not-so-little friend.”

Is it fair to compare a finished game to a game more then half a year away from release? Probably not. Their comments also go against IGN’s impression after they played the latest hands on version. IGN thought

“The opposing forces aren’t dumb in Killzone 2… These guys will react and move in tactical, group dynamics.”

Maybe publishers should just… I dunno… wait to compare two games until they are both out? Is that too much to ask? You can check out a scan of the page here.  Killzone fans , at least they acknowledged the game looks sexy.


~ by exgn on September 4, 2007.

One Response to “EGM – Killzone 2 dumbest AI, Halo 3 smartest AI”

  1. It’s hardly reasonable to compare these two games at all at this point. Once Killzone is completed, then you can make all the foolish comparisons you want.

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