Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS trailer – details and spoilers

A new MGS4 trailer will be shown to the public tomorrow at TGS2007, however, it was shown to the press today. Here are some spoilers(some big, some small):

-Sunny, Olga’s child, will be a central character. Has many parallels with Ocelot – was taken from her mother as a child by the Patriots. Right now, Sunny is being taken care of Snake, Otakon, Campbell and Naomi.
-New character introduced – Drevon. Drevon is an arms dealer, and he was the narrator for the previous ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer. He has a side kick, a monkey named Little Grey. LG is to serve as a bit of comic relief.
-Meryl’s hair looks better, less like plastic.
-New group of enemies – Haven Soldiers. These are a unit of female soldiers.
-A scene was shown at the end of Solid Snake in MGRex VS Liquid in MGRay.
-MGS4 will come with a ‘starter pack’ of MGS:Online. They will be different games.
-New playable demo at TGS tomorrow – will have 48 units at Sony and Konami booths available to play the game.

Stay tuned for the trailer tomorrow.


~ by exgn on September 19, 2007.

One Response to “Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS trailer – details and spoilers”

  1. Can’t wait for this, thanks for the info!

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