Microsoft making deals for 360 MGS4 and FF13?

And now, for the latest in regards to MGS4 and FF13 for the XBox 360. EMagLive is claiming that over the past few days, they’ve been in contact with several anonymous sources that claim Microsoft is very close to making deals Square-Enix and Konami to have Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 ported to the XBox 360. MGS4 and FF13 are considered to be the two major flagship titles of the PS3 and would be a devastating loss to the console.

In regards to Final Fantasy XIII, EMagLive reported one of their sources indicated that Microsoft is aiming to “at least get it as a timed multiplatform and at most get the game as a simultaneous release”. When contacted my EMagLive, Square-Enix maintained that there was no new information, and that “at this time, there is nothing announced toward a Cross Platform Final Fantasy game, other then Final Fantasy XI and The Last Remnant. This is not to say it will never happen… decisions to develop additional games for the XBox 360 will ultimately be made by Square Enix and Microsoft.”

As for Metal Gear Solid 4, when EMagLive followed up on that source, Konami told them “we have no information concerning the possible release of Metal Gear Solid 4 on the XBox 360 at this point”, but to “keep an eye on our website for updates”.

According to EMagLive’s sources, both Konami and Square-Enix are expecting large monetary compensation for the ports of these games.

All that said, keep in mind these are just rumors. Hideo Kojima has said, multiple times, that MGS4 will remain a PS3 exclusive. Square-Enix has also maintained that the main FF13 game will be a PS3 exclusive. Even in the TGS2007 trailers for both games(shown just last week) indicated they will both remain PS3 exclusive. Tetsuya Nomura(creator of FF13) has even told Famitsu magazine that he can make his visions come to life only on the PS3. My prediction? Metal Gear Online and some of the FF13 side stories will go to the 360, while the main titles stay PS3 exclusive.


~ by exgn on September 28, 2007.

8 Responses to “Microsoft making deals for 360 MGS4 and FF13?”

  1. because both companys to ps3 are very on their side most of the time and mgs4 rumor is died and non of mgs4 is going on the 350 not a little inch abd ff13 ok so fck off

  2. Ok its not going to happen dude ok



  4. now we neeed a new mega man game too i love that

  5. the website tells nothing lol

  6. better make that deal!

    FF13 is sure going to be a fucking blast on XBOX LIVE

  7. that’s just stupid. microsoft shouldn’t just go around trying to buy off games. go make your own games. :/

  8. It DID happen!

    Final Fantasy 13 was officially announced for the Xbox 360!

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