New Wii bundle on the horizon?

Hot off the rumor mill, it has been reported recently that there may be a new SKU in development for the Nintendo Wii. The source of this rumor traces its way back to a blog post, claiming that he was contacted by a distributor in regards to a new Wii pack. Called simply ‘New Pack’, the UPC code(045496880088) can be traced back to being registered by Nintendo. The blog post goes further, indicating it will sell for $289.99 Canadian dollars(the current price).

What gives this rumor some footing is a statement Nintendo made during its E3 press conference – that they were planning on including the Wii Zapper light gun attachment to all Nintendo Wii packages this fall. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, a rail gun shooter that will use the Wii Zapper, is due out in just a bit more then a month, and it seems like this would be an opportune time to announce the new bundle package. Combine this with an announcement that Nintendo was planning on making at the end of September(but still have yet to do), and this rumor seems to get even more appealing.

There are other theories as to what the new Wii package could possibly be as well – some speculate that it could also be a new color(something also promised by Nintendo), or perhaps even that a price drop is in store. Whatever it is, you’ll be sure to hear about it as more details are made available.


~ by exgn on October 8, 2007.

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