Bungie to continue making Halo games, despite split with MS

All good things come to an end: the Roman Empire, all you can eat pizza Tuesday nights at Pizza Hut, and most recently, Bungie’s 7 year partnership with Microsoft. Rumors of a split first came the day after the release of Halo 3, and was made public on October 1. As a result of the split, Microsoft retained full ownership of the Halo intellectual property as well as a small stake in ownership

The split between the two was not hostile, Bungie president Harold Ryan said he just did not like the big corporation atmosphere that had developed in the studio after their partnership began. Many speculate that Microsoft was also pressuring Bungie to make a Halo 4, which Bungie did not want to do. However, while Bungie claimed they did not want to make a Halo 4, they did say they were interested in making more games that take place in the Halo universe. Frank O’Conor, content manager at Bungie Studios, even went on to say “If we ever return to the Halo universe, I’m sure we’d have cool stories to tell”.

Also, while the split means that Bungie could make games for the Sony PS3 or Nintendo Wii, they insist that, for the moment, they are only interested in making XBox 360/PC games.


~ by exgn on October 9, 2007.

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