Haze delayed?

Free Radical(GoldenEye/Timesplitters)’s highly anticipated next gen FPS, Haze, appears to have been delayed. Originally due out in November 07, the game was pushed back until January 08. Now, it looks like it has delayed further by 3 months. Several online retailers have confirmed this, such as Amazon.com and BestBuy.com, indicating a released towards the later half of March.

No doubt, this will serve as a disappointment to many. Haze was a highly anticipated PS3 title, boasting several innovative new features, and 4 player split screen co-op play. It also was set to be the first big PS3 exclusive of 2008. However, this delay may spell trouble for Free Radical – it puts Haze directly in the wake of SCEA’s monster FPS, Killzone 2(due out towards the end of February 08). Grand Theft Auto 4 is also currently scheduled to release in March 08 as well.

More info to come pending an official announcement.

It has come to our attention that Killzone 2 is not actually due out February.  February was a tentative release date given, and since, the game has also been further delayed.  Our apologies.


~ by exgn on December 22, 2007.

22 Responses to “Haze delayed?”

  1. lol… delaystation 3 strikes again! at this rate, ds3’s killer 2008 line up will be lucky to make it out by 2009!

  2. go kill yourself 1st comenter

  3. […] delayed (Delaystation strikes again) Haze delayed? Excel Gaming Network Free Radical(GoldenEye/Timesplitters)s highly anticipated next gen FPS, Haze, appears to have […]

  4. Lol, I don’t trust your sources: KZ2 isn’t due out till around November. Was on ThreeSpeech the other day.

  5. I smell Fanboy!

  6. Ummm…killzone isn’t expected until fall 08.

  7. well, that wouldn’t be that shocking – what’s the point releasing an FPS when UT3, Orange Box, BlackSite and Warhawk exp. have just been or will be realeased in January in different regions 😛
    and BTW KZ2 is most likely scheduled for Fall 2008

  8. To first commenter:

    Keep your fanboyism to yourself because guess what, this game isnt coming out for other systems other than PS3. Since one game gets delayed, the whole lineup will?

  9. It might be a disappointment but ut isn’t like the PS3 isn’t loaded with great games. Gamers will just have to make so with games like COD4 and UT3. Oh well.

  10. Ya……who believes the stores?….There was just an article on N4G that said HAZE will be out 28 days from now…..There goes this theory

  11. little big planet got delayd till october-november 2008 also

  12. delaystation = cant afford a ps3

  13. Thanks, but I’d just assume wait for Free Radical to make an announcement. All of you just calm the hell down? Since when does Best Buy know more than the developer itself? If it’s delayed for sure, Free Radical and NOT a retailer will let us know.

  14. But i hope it is for the best…

  15. i dont think the first poster is a 360fanboi, just telling the truth. p.s. i only have ps3

  16. to the first comment,at least my ps3 will be working in a year.what about your crapbox 1.5

  17. ill bet 6 dollars that bloodmask the dumbass himself wrote this shit. WordPress? puhlease. fakie

  18. I’m a PS3 owner and i agree with the first comment to be honest.Hurry the hell up will you with these so called killer titles

  19. hee hee, glad i got a 360, poor SONY

  20. @ first comment, ah man i cant stop laughing delaystation… to much. Where they get this stuff.

  21. im a ps3 fanboy but i completely agree with the first comment i mean mgs4 was supposed to be out like what? TWENTY YEARS AGO?! but i guess games need delays to be good in the end and the ones that rush it turn to be either dissapointments or have a lot of bugs and glitches *cough*assasins creed*cough*

  22. guys its not the crapbox 360….its the “breakbox: please-fix-me” ahahahaha….PS3 will win so it doesn’t matter

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