Rumor: PS3 in store for yet another price drop?

Several posters at are reporting that the PS3 may have yet another price drop towards the end of the month. Many are rumoring that a $299 PS3 will be announced on January 28. is a website dedicated to providing consumers with the latest prices in electronics, breaking the news of both of the previous PS3 price drops and the 360 price drop a few weeks early, along with the CheapAssGamer forums.

Though it does seem early for this to occur, Sony did recently announce that the price of manufacturing of the PS3 did drop, from $800 per unit at the launch to $400 currently. This is mainly due to the success of Blu Ray, especially with Warner Bros. going Blu Ray exclusive earlier this month. Now there are also rumors that Paramount found a loophole in their HD DVD exclusivity contract and will be going Blu Ray as well – leaving Universal and Dreamworks as the only remaining HD DVD studios.

Financially, the price cut makes sense, consoles have historically been sold at a loss at the beginning of their lifetime. The only consoles not sold at a loss at launch are the Sega Saturn(sold at the price to manufacture) and the Nintendo Wii(sold at a $100 profit for Nintendo). Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony make most of its money off of game licensing, not the actual console. For every game released, they developer must pay $10,000 worth of licensing fees to Sony(its traditionally been $20,000 for all 3 companies, but this was another cut Sony made to encourage developers recently). They also make a bulk of their profit from peripherals, like memory cards and controllers.

Still, I personally think it may be a bit too early for another price cut.

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~ by exgn on January 21, 2008.

17 Responses to “Rumor: PS3 in store for yet another price drop?”

  1. I don’t think it’s too early. Manufacturing costs are down, and 65nm were said to be ready by “beginning 2008”, so perhaps this is what they’re talking about. Couple that with No WiFi and a 20GB HDD, and you’ve got yourself a more reliable Xbox 360 with a built in blu-ray drive; for the cost of an Xbox 360, online gaming included. Sony might take a bit of a loss, but they don’t want their thunder stolen by a 299 Xbox 360, especially when GTA4 comes out. After all, there are many games coming soon on Sony’s platform, including MGS4, Killzone, LBP and many others.

  2. I’m still on the fence between PS3 and 360. Lately I have been edging towards the PS3 because of the much better hardware, while with the 360 you have the RROD, but also the extra costs for Wireless WiFi and memorycards and LIVE etc.
    A $300 PS3 would do it for me 🙂

    I do wonder how Microsoft will react. An Elite is still a massive 450 EURO here in Holland, and that’s WITHOUT games(!) An Elite would be the only 360 I’m interested in, but certainly not at that cost.

    I guess it will be a PS3 that is coming into this household, and let’s hope Sony will finally fix the software problems (lack of great games) in 2008.

  3. omg , second post!whohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Gayer than gAyJ with a Collateral cut and cigs in his sleeve.

  5. This will most probably be debunked by Sony within the coming days. This wouls seriously piss people off who just bought the $400 40GB PS3 earlier…but hey, that’s how technology is…prices keep coming down. Also cocks.

  6. that would be cool anything to get sony in the lead im all for it im a sony person till the end and vow never to own a microsoft console ever cause of their faulty mechanics

  7. please say it is so! i’ll pick one up, hellz yes

  8. I can believe it.

  9. I bought a console before Christmas in Germany for 399 Euro and when I was in Japan 2 weeks later I saw it there for about 255 Euro in Japanese Yen…. and now it will be cheaper here too. This makes me feel that I just lost a lot of money, even though the PS3 is worth its money, especially with the recent firmware update.

  10. I own 3 360’s (2 premiums and an elite)and haven’t even glanced at a PS3, but for $300 US, I’d would pick it up just for the Blu Ray because I’ve been deciding on getting either a combo player or a Xbox addon and a PS3.

  11. Yeah boY!!! THe ps3 is going down!! ANd it should! ANd its about time!! Also same about my boyfriend!! Fucking pussy! its not that scary!


    Uhh, don’t think so… I think it was the credit card deal posted in the link.

  13. I was raised on video games. 19880’s arcades, SNES, PS2, N64. I’m married now. Not a problem because, my wife has discovered Nintendo’s “Rayman: Raving rabids” series and “Mario Galaxy”. She loves the psychotic, surreal and simplistic gameplay. I love that my wife is playing video games. I want the current visual punch and depth, of next Gen. The X-box 360 has it. But, I think Sony will win the future. And if sony would drop their price or, bundle some games with their 80 gig, they would have me buying games for the next 10 years. (…Sweetie, have you played “Little big world” yet?)

  14. I meant “1980’s” and “Little Big Planet”…

  15. Will make it worth considering for me, but I’ll probably still go with the 360. The PS3 screwed itself so badly at launch that I don’t really want to support it at this point, and I really hate the irony that the PS3 is probably the main reason that Blu-Ray is doing well. It flopped as a console, but is doing well as an HD player.

    Still, there is FFXIII to consider…

  16. I live in Britain and I paid $850 for my PS3 a few months ago. This makes me feel sad.

  17. thats because they are only going to be producing units that arent backwards compatible.

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