MGS4 demo debunked again… well, sorta.

Ryan Payton, the man in charge of localizing the heavily anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4 for us English speaking audiences, has said time after time that Kojima Productions will not release a playable demo of MGS4. Payton insists that the time required to release a demo would be time away from completing the full game. That doesn’t stop fans from praying their will be one.

For a moment, it looked as if the millions of prayers had been answered. In the current issue of the UK gaming magazine Playstation World, they get some hands on time with a MGS4 demo. At the end of their preview, they say “Want more MGS4? Well, you’ll get it very soon. The stage played here will be out on the PSN store in the next month“. PS3 forums across the web have been on fire lately after the editor of PSW, Ian Dean, confirmed to that this was indeed not a typo, and that the demo was slated to appear on the Playstation Network in February.

However, earlier today, MaxConsole contacted Konami and spoke with their public relations rep. They maintained that “We do not comment on speculation, I am afraid”, indicating that PSW’s confirmation was nothing more then speculation.

If you like to play the word twisting game, at least they didn’t specifically say there was no demo… Nonetheless, it looks like we are still in the dark on the issue. MGS fans, keep praying!


~ by exgn on January 22, 2008.

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