Final Roster for Super Smash Bros. Brawl revealed?

A screenshot has emerged recently that supposedly shows the final character select screen of SSBB, revealing the entire roster of characters. Behold:


However, theres a few things that make me question the validity of this screenshot. First, the profile pictures don’t seem to match up, in terms of art direction. Some seem to be in game models while others look they were taken from elsewhere. Second, Jigglypuff’s ear seems to overlap her picture’s boundary, which doesn’t happen anywhere else. Finally – wheres Zero Suit Samus, a character confirmed to be in it since day one?

Still, if this picture is real, I’m content with the roster. Its freakin’ huge! Good representation from all the different series too. Although I’m a bit disappointed that theres no Megaman or Bomberman, two 3rd party characters I was hoping they could acquire. Thank God they brought Ness back, though! OK!


~ by exgn on January 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Final Roster for Super Smash Bros. Brawl revealed?”

  1. It’s been confirmed fake…

  2. Hahaha, Lucario’s, Ridley’s, Micaiah’s, Mewtwo’s and Wind Waker Link are not on 3D, Ness’s is his clay image from the original Earthbound, Olimar doesn’t have the Pikmin around him, Masked Man looks terrible, Luigi’s pic is from a Mario Party game, Ashley is part of the Wario Ware Stage, so she won’t be playable, honestly how can anyone fall for this?

  3. That fucking fake

  4. This is probably fake but dude Zero Suit Samus you only get when you do Samus’ final smash. They’re two separate characters but there’s no zero suit on character select.

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