Guitar Healer

Sure, we all love playing Guitar Hero. Nothing beats a wild night of staying up ’til dawn, whaling along to “Through the Fire and the Flame” on your plastic Gibson with a few friends and a few beers. Its a fun, innovative game. But now, according to an article posted at ShackNews, Guitar Hero may also be a great tool in aiding physical rehabilitation.

One patient, for example, was told he would never regain full flexibility and rotation of his arm after an injury. However, with regular physical therapy, supplemented with playing Guitar Hero(which relies heavily on the aforementioned flexibility and rotation), the patient made a rapid and astonishing recovery.

Doctors further say that Guitar Hero could be used in physical therapy to include improved abdominal, lower back, and wrist strength, sitting balance, fine motor skills, and general endurance.

Check out the full article at!


~ by exgn on January 23, 2008.

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