Reviews are just opinions, grow up people


This is something I’ve had bottled up for a long time.

Reviews have become the word of God as of late. The reviewers themselves, Gods of the industry. With each review posted, hundreds of fanboys gather like vultures to fresh giblet of road kill under the high noon sun. They analyze every sentence, every word, every piece of punctuation, leaving no stone unturned. They arm themselves with every pro and con, and then head out to duke it out on their favorite message board. When a game is released and a major publication doesn’t give it the score its supposed to get, World War III erupts. Out of every crevice comes a fanboy, each with his own two cents to add. Message boards turn into warzones, and intelligent conversation into a casualty.

Unfortunately, the publications don’t help the matter either. Its not unusual for a lesser known publication to post a bad review of a good game to get a few more hits. Even the game developers have become more proactive in the situation – now some developers threaten to pull advertising revenue if their games receive negative reviews, tarnishing the bias of reviews(check out some issues GameSpot and EGM have run in to).

Fact of the matter is, however, that reviewers are not Gods, and their reviews are not the gospel. They are simply people, like you and I. Granted, they have played A LOT of games, but so have many of us as well. Their rantings and ravings have no more weight then the dribble of your resident message board troll(well, provided the troll has actually played the game in question, which is not the case most of the time). In fact, with some hardcore genres, like fighters, they have even less bearing – how is a writer that has to review X amount of games a week ever going to have enough time to figure out the ins and outs that make or break the system in games like Marvel VS Capcom 2?

So the next time you read a review, before you waste your time dissecting it line by line and articulating how inaccurate it is about your favorite game, step back. Read the main points, think about the audience the review is written for, and the motive behind it. Ignore the numbers, even. Then remember that its someones opinion. Be an adult, be rational. Reviews are just opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own.

And Smash fans, 9.5 is good, shut the fuck up.


~ by exgn on March 4, 2008.

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