Script for Haze longer than the script for MGS4?

In a recent interview conducted by Sci Fi channel with Free Radical’s Rob Yascombe, an interesting little tidbit was released. Yascombe, the writer for Haze, mentioned that the screenplay of Haze was around 120 pages long, and that the actual script was 1000 pages long. This seems like a bit of an overkill for a FPS like Haze… Comparatively, David Hayter has mentioned several times on his IMDB page that the script for MGS4 is “roughly 800 pages”. Is Haze in store for a peculiarly epic plot? Or perhaps Hayter wasn’t including side conversations and those in-game “Whose footprints are these!?” one liners?

At any rate, its something interesting to note. Free Radical’s Haze is due out exclusively for the PS3 on May 20th.


~ by exgn on March 15, 2008.

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